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Where to go in Madrid? Best 5 places to visit

We have put together a list of our places definitely worth considering while visiting Spain: from museums to flamenco shows and bars

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Museo Nacional del Prado
The Prado Museum
This attraction in Madrid has been compared to the Louvre and the Hermitage. In the museum you can see the paintings of the famous Spanish: Goya, Velazquez, El Greco, as well as works of European painters: Raphael, Botticelli and Van Dyck.

By the way, in the galleries you can find a copy of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa made by his pupil.

❕ Ticket price ranges from €7 to €15.

You can save cash if you buy a Paseo del Arte card. It allows you to visit the three main museums of Madrid - the Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Museo Reina Sofia - with a 20% discount on tickets.
Catedral de Almudena
Almudena Cathedral
Almudena Cathedral is the main and most famous cathedral in Madrid, located next to the Royal Palace.

The interior of the temple is in the traditional Gothic style, with a number of arches and stained glass windows, due to which funnels of bright light are formed in the building.

Interesting fact: The altar in the cathedral is made entirely of green marble and resembles the Orthodox altars. This is no coincidence. The fact is that the Spanish sculptor who executed it was interested in Orthodox icon painting and russian iconographer Andrei Rublev.

❕ Admission is free
Real Jardín Botánico
Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid
Botanical Garden has specimens of flora from all over Spain, as well as from Europe and the Pacific Islands, and there are greenhouses where even scientific experiments are conducted.
It is recommended to visit the amazingly beautiful rose garden, complemented by the architectural ensemble.

❕ Ticket price is €4

All information can be found on the official website of the botanical garden.
Espectáculo flamenco
Flamenco show
Flamenco is one of the most vibrant and passionate dances worldwide and a calling card of Spain.

We have put a list of flamenco shoes with different price ranges
Prices are valid at the time of publication
  • €55

    Flamenco de Leones
  • €42

    Tablao Las Carboneras
  • €35

    Flamenco Los Porches
Cheaper options
  • €27

    Teatro Flamenco Madrid
  • €25

    Torres Bermejas
  • €19.95

    La Cueva de Lola
Шоу Фламенко
Bares de cerveza artesanal
Bars with craft beer
Spanish beer is rightly considered one of the highest quality in the world.

Here are the list of bars where you can try fine beer:

  1. Irreale
  2. Fábrica Maravillas
  3. El Pedal
  4. La Tape
  5. The Stuyck Co

Excited about the Spanish color? So are we!

When heading to Spain, don't forget to include our places in your checklist.

Spanish is tough and unpopular

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Let's look at the prospects:
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  3. Culture. Spain and Latin America are countries of sunshine and happy people. How nice to talk to locals and listen to the Spanish language full of intonation.
We almost forgot about Spanish cinema! Take popular films like 'Tres metros sobre el cielo' and TV series like 'La casa de papel,' and you'll understand that the English version will never capture the same essence as the original.
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