Basic Spanish words for confident communication

"Why do I need to learn Spanish words if I already know English?" If you are fluent in English, you can indeed travel anywhere on the planet. But that doesn't mean the locals will respond to you with "Good morning, sir!" instead of "¿De qué hablas, hombre?" (What are you talking about, man?).

In order to prepare for a trip to a Spanish-speaking country and be able to read stories by foreign writers in their original language as well as to understand performers from Latin America, you need to know at least the basic words of the Spanish language.

Read this article to the end, and you will learn more than 70 Spanish words that will allow you to start speaking Spanish. And in order not to lose this material add this page to your reading list.

Shall we begin learning Spanish words?

Say «hello» and «bye» in Spanish

Every conversation begins with a greeting, and these 6 Spanish words are appropriate for any occasion, from meeting someone in a bar, to meeting your partner's parents for the first time:

One-word answer

The basic vocabulary of a young "hispanoablante" includes simple answers to questions. You will need these short and clear Spanish words in every conversation, so here there are:

Count to a million in Spanish

There is nothing more important for the tourist than finding out the price. These Spanish words will help you save your pesos and euros in your wallets and pockets:

Invite your Spanish friend to visit

Spanish speakers love to visit each other's homes. Learn the basic Spanish words related to the topic of "home" to be prepared for José barging in asking for salt.

Tell about your family in Spanish

The Spanish word for "family" is easy to remember. It's people united by one surname - "familia." Now let's look at its members:

Learn Spanish colours

Colores, colores... Spanish is a language where colors play a special role. Just look at the vibrant streets in Old Havana or simply gaze at the flag of Spain. Among the essential Spanish words, colors must be included:
By learning these words in Spanish, you will already be able to freely speak on simple topics. And to learn how to actively use them in speech, come to a trial lesson at Escuela.

Our teachers will make you SPEAK in Spanish naturally, while native speakers will test your skills in practice.

Start speaking Spanish today, stop postponing your dreams for "later". ¡Vamos!

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