Popular phrases in Spanish with translation

Learning basic phrases in Spanish is the key to a good start in your studies! From the first days, you will begin to build and understand simple dialogues.
"¡Hola!" - This is where your introduction to Spanish begins, and soon you will be using it every time you meet native speakers. To ensure that the conversation doesn't end with just a greeting, learn a few popular phrases in Spanish.

Why not simply take a dictionary and memorize it cover to cover? Well, you won't learn how to use Spanish words effectively that way, and that's why the efficiency of the "phrase-based" method is higher. Phrases in Spanish with translations are a tool for free communication.
For convenience, we have divided them into thematic groups:

  • Everyday words and expressions;
  • Introductions and meetings;
  • In the city;
  • Emergency situations.

To prevent the new vocabulary from saying "¡Adiós!", we have supplemented the article with simple exercises. Bookmark this page, and you can always come back and refresh your memory.

Everyday phrases in Spanish

*In Spanish grammar, the ending "-o" indicates masculine gender, "-a" indicates feminine gender, and "-os" indicates plural form.
Practice time - try to translate these words into Spanish:

  1. As always, thank you!
  2. What a pity. See you tomorrow!
  3. Sorry, so sorry!
  4. Come on, goodbye!
  5. May I, please?

Citas y encuentros: primeras frases en español

How to say "My name is ... " in Spanish?
No need to think, you already know! You'll need basic Spanish phrases more than you need a navigator when you travel. Try translating simple Spanish words and phrases:

  1. Hey man, what's your name?
  2. How old are you (when you're referring to a guy)?
  3. Nice to meet you. I'm from Spain, and you?
  4. Please tell me, are you married?
  5. You're very handsome. I want to be with you.

In the city - Spanish phrases

We had a conversation with a student a couple of months ago during a trial lesson at Escuela:

- Why do you want to take "Conversational Spanish for Beginners"?
- Language will take you all the way to Madrid.

Knowing the most common Spanish phrases will really help you get around the city easily. Try translating these Spanish phrases:

  1. Which bus goes to the store?
  2. It's close, the next stop.
  3. How much does it cost? It's too expensive!
  4. When does the store close?
  5. Thank you, I'm not hungry.

Emergencies - basic Spanish phrases

No one is safe from dangers when traveling. When trouble happens, you have to ask for help, call the police, and all of this will be in Spanish! Learn common phrases in Spanish before boarding the plane, just in case.
It is not difficult to navigate in the city, order food in a restaurant and make acquaintances, all you need is to know the common Spanish phrases. A transcription will teach you the correct pronunciation. For this reason, we have an app to memorize the phrases. Click the link to download on Google.Play and App Store.

However, not every tourist carries a phrasebook in his pocket and not all Spanish fits in a small book. If you want to feel safe in a Spanish-speaking country, solve any problems, and communicate easily with the locals, Spanish lessons won't hurt.
Remember, Spanish is the key to the 24 countries where it has official status. Learn, travel and discover the world with Escuela!
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