5-Minute Spanish

When to use “a” and “al” in Spanish

Look, the preposition “a” is translated as “to” or “at” but also can mean “in”, “on”, “by” or “from”.

F.e.: No te veo a ti = I don’t see you

Instead of the combination "a + el" we should use the form "al".

F.e.: Voy a el club => Voy al club (I go to the club)

 The preposition “a” can be used to:

  • indicate motion (like “to”) = Vamos a España (Let’s go to Spain)
  • indicate a manner (like “on”, “by”, “with”) = Escribe a bolígrafo (He or she writes with a pen)
  • introduce a direct object (like “to” or “for”) = Claro que conoces a mi madre (Sure you know my mother)
  • indicate time (like “at”) = Nos vamos a las 6 de la noche (We leave at 6 at night)

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